I was Worried for my Son

I added Manny on Facebook as I saw he had a stoma bag just like my son who was eventually diagnosed with both UC and crohn’s disease

I added Manny as a friend on Facebook as my son has both crohn's and UC with an ileostomy bag so I wanted to know if Manny still had a bag. My son is 20 years old has been suffering for 4 years and went from 15st to 6st. He was getting pushed aside for years until I took him to a private specialist who diagnosed him. Now he is on a lot of meds. I hate seeing my son in pain. After speaking with Manny, he gave me hope for James as I want the best for him. Manny's plans helped James put on 5kg within 6 weeks and we continue to work with Manny as James is now closer and closer to getting his bag reversed. I'm happy to see the colour come back into his face and his energy return. James has been through tough times and Manny's knowledge and persistence to help James get better has been appreciated. I'd recommend him to anyone suffering like James has.

Michelle SimsonUK