My Confidence is Back

I’m not a fan of pills and I have been on a lot of them for a long time but my aim is to come off these for a holistic alternative.

In recent years, I became more interested in eating healthier and I read about how plant based diets help with my bloating and discomfort caused by being Celiac, so I made small changes to my diet but it was hard to stay motivated and I felt I needed that push. I saw All My Friends Are Eggs and I read into their story and the changes they have made to peoples lives and thought this could be the push I need. Seeing what Manny went through is heartbreaking but to see where he is now is unbelievable. If he can do it, so can I! We went into depth about the importance of nutrition, the effects of stress and how I can management it, lifestyle improvements, plus he is focussed on getting me to where I want to be with my health. I felt like I was on the right tracks already but I'm definitely on the right path and have stayed on it. Most importantly, my bleeding has stopped, my appetite has returned and I no longer feel fatigued which is great.

Amy LouiseUSA