I Feel Normal Again

Some romance novel authors and readers believe the genre has additional restrictions, from plot considerations such as the protagonists meeting early on in the story, to avoiding themes such as adultery. Other disagreements have centered on the firm requirement for a happy ending.

I was diagnosed with Pan-Colitis 2 years ago and I lost alot of weight rapidly, which left me worried. He helped me gain 12lbs and have no more flare ups. Flare ups are painful and scary as I fear the worst. I needed to make changes as I have been struggling for too long. Now I feel great and better than I did before as I have been taught so many things that I would have never thought would have impacted my gut. Having hot and cold showers, I thought what has this got to do with anything but Manny taught me why it helps and they do help to my surprise, once you get past the freezing cold water shock. Many thanks to the coaching I've received and the improvements that I've achieved.

Jonathan DavidsCanada