1 Hour Video Call


There is so much information online, on social media and different people are saying different things when it comes what to eat for Crohn’s and Colitis, what might help you get better and so on

And I know how confusing and overwhelming this is. I was the same, trying to find out who’s been through the same as me and healed themselves

I want to help you. I’ve lived it, I feel your struggles and pains

Let’s speak over Zoom so I can help answer you burning questions and more importantly, help give you the tools and confidence that you can and WILL beat IBD

What I will be discussing:

  • Diet & Nutrition – what foods to introduce and remove from your diet to heal
  • Weight gain – if you’re struggling to put weight on
  • Stress management and how your thinking plays a big part in your healing
  • How I healed myself completely from Crohn’s Disease and how you can too
  • Open Q&A – Ask me as many questions are you want and I’m happy to answer them

Next Step:

Click the link and let’s schedule our Video Call – https://calendly.com/amfae/1hourcall

Check out all my 5 Star reviews from fellow IBD warriors who have embarked on the All My Friends Are Eggs healing journey – https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/allmyfriendsareeggs.com

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