Diet and Nutrition

Like most people, I used to eat food simply for the taste rather than its benefits. Even though I have suffered with Crohn’s disease since 2001, I would eat whatever I want and thought I was invincible. If I knew that a food or drink will flare my Crohn’s, I would still have it then think, f*ck it because it is tasty and just deal with the pain tomorrow. Well I did that one too many times and I paid the price.

Old Diet

As I was also pretty lazy when it came to cooking, I would prefer to eat things that were in a packet or ready made. My desk drawer at work was filled with multi-packets crisps, a sh*t load of sweets and a variety of biscuits.

Typical Day:

08:00: Packet of crisps
10:00: Can of coke and a packet of crisps
12:30: Egg and Cress sandwich, can of coke, crisps and sweets
15:00: Half a tub of Pringles, biscuits and sweets
18:00: Pizza, can of coke and sweets

As you can see, I love me some sweets, especially sugary and sour ones! Well I did love them, they clearly didn’t love me.

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