The road to healing starts with you as an entity, as a whole. Improving your food choices is the first step but the new path to healing has to be viewed as the big picture. This is where we dive into the deep end because you will get educated on the in-depth benefits of nutrition and healing herbs, the importance of each, how to consume and make healing herbal teas, what foods you should be eating to heal, what foods to avoid as they could be causing pain, is protein as important as people make out, what role does probiotics play in your gut health.

Your lifestyle plays a huge part in your health, therefore we focus on providing you with the tools to reduce your stress and help with stress management, the importance of sleep and how to get a better nights sleep, why hot and cold showers has surprising yet beneficial effects on your health. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our primary focus for you is to keep you focused, on-track and make sure you reach your health goals as we are a team and we want you to heal, feel great inside and out and we want you to have complete control of your life.

This is a minimum of 3 months.

What’s Included?

  • Weekly 60 minute video consultation with Manny to detail your goals and plan out how we are going to achieve them through understanding and implementing: dietary changes, eliminating pro-inflammatory foods, introducing healing herbs to your daily life, proven ways to lower your stress levels, increase your immune function, boost your mindset and keep you motivated, aswell as so much more.
  • 3 E-books about Nutrition and Healing Herbs (80+ pages), Lifestyle and Mindset Management (70+ pages) and Meal Planning and Recipe Ideas (60+ pages). These will be your go-to guides and were written by Manny.
  • Full communication access to Manny via Voxer (messaging app)
  • 30 days of 5 different Healing Herbs are included (UK only) – worth £50

Save £58 with a one-off payment of £899

If things change after you enrol and you decide to cancel, then we require a 48 hour notice of cancellation. A full refund is provided upto 5 business days after your program starts, if you decide to cancel.