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Why Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic nutritional therapy is a natural, safe and effective form of healthcare that enables you to enhance your body’s own innate ability to repair and heal itself.

Every single physiological and biochemical process in the body is governed by nutrition. The nutrients we eat build the physical structures of our body. Nutrients are essential not only for energy, but for growth, defence, repair and maintenance. They also become enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and more.


Hasan HUnited Kingdom

When I started working with Manny I was already confident he was the right person to guide me in the right direction with my gut health based on how far he has come in his journey. However, not only has he totally positively transformed the way I look at my lifestyle, habits & food choices, for me, the biggest impact he has had is on my mindset. Like some kind of bio-hacking alchemist, I can now at will, command my mind to reduce inflammation, calm & relax my gut, all thanks to the wisdom Manny has installed in me and It’s given me a revitalised vision for the future which I will be taking into my personal life and business endeavours.

Roshnee KMalaysia

Thank you so much Manny for all your guidance throughout my journey of healing for the past 3 months. You have been there every step of the way since my bowel surgery and every ups and downs I've been through, you've never let me out of your sight. What you're doing is amazing, you hel those suffering from this debilitating disease to e stronger mentally and physically. Your diet and lifestyle measures which are the most important aspect of recovery for IBD is amazing. Always polite and professional, I am going to miss you. For now, I'll walk through my journey more stronger, thanks to you.

Ciera SCanada

My honest review of Manny’s Coaching:

I feel very fortunate to have came across Manny’s page on Instagram and that I took the step in reaching out to him in hope to find help. When I first started my journey with Manny I was in such a horrible flare up of UC (Ulcerative Colitis). I was on the highest dose of Prednisone I’ve ever been on (50mg) and was struggling to not be dependent on it. Manny helped me with all of the lifestyle changes needed in order to find healing, such as: the right diet, proper sleep patterns and getting enough sleep, stress reduction, exercise, and the right medicine (both natural and pharmaceutical for myself). I loved the herbs that he suggested to take, especially the turmeric. He helped me remember that your body can heal itself naturally and that sometimes you do need some extra help by pharma meds at times but that you don’t need to be dependent on them for life, there are natural things that can help! One thing I love that he taught me was to cut out most processed foods. I have been cooking more of my food and eating less processed things and I definitely notice a positive change. He also helped me to not be so overwhelmed by taking one thing at a time (focusing on diet first, then stress reduction, then sleep, then exercise over the course of about 3-4 months). I also loved that he was okay with me tweaking his diet plan as I saw fit for my own body. He also let me talk every session to really understand what I was all dealing with every week. I think he definitely helped me on my healing journey. I’m still not there 💯 but definitely closer than where I was only a couple of months ago! Thank you so much for your help, Manny! 😊

Manpreet KUnited Kingdom

I started my AMFAE journey back in September. I had given birth to my second daughter in April and my colitis has flared very severely. I was feeling very exhausted, low and anxious to leave the house. My medication was a intravenous infusion every eight weeks at the hospital. This was a biological medication. Although, hadn’t been able to have since my final trimester of pregnancy. I was on a course of steroids when I spoke to Manny.

Right from the offset Manny was very personable. As he’d be through it himself he completely understood every struggle, complication and the mental pressure of having an autoimmune disease. Our first session was what felt like a therapy session. I released all my stresses, worries and anxieties and he reassured me this plan would help.
I started and threw myself in to it. Followed the schedule and we even managed to change it to fit my lifestyle better. I began to feel an improvement in my general health with two weeks. Our weekly catch ups and being able to contact Manny at any point was very helpful.

After eight weeks in to the plan, I had a colonoscopy at the hospital. My previous one four years ago showed lots of ulcers and some poulips which could lead to being cancerous. Understandably, I was very nervous about it. To my amazement my consultant told me there was no active disease there! There were no ulcers and the poulips had reduced and could be reduced through diet. I was astonished! With the combination of the plan and reducing my stress we’re both the best combination. I am now in remission and on no medication at all. I feel like I have been given another chance at life for myself, my girls and my family. I cannot even put in to words how thankful I am I came across AMFAE page and signed up to the 12 week plan. It has dramatically changed my life and I am now healthy, happy and feel in control of my life again. Not battling daily with the symptoms and flares.

Thank you Manny, what you do is amazing! I could not recommend him more.

Nick MUnited States

Manny has played a huge role in managing my Crohn's Disease. He's helped keep me on trackwith many great habits that have improved my lifestyle. It's nice to talk to someone who has actually experienced what I'm going through. He's a great guy.

Kerin HUnited Kingdom

After 4 weeks into my healing journey I felt a new lease of life from gaining control of bowel movements. Manny has a powerful and realistic approach to health and well-being enabling me to establish structure and routine. After completing the healing journey I feel well equipped with the toos and skills to continue making these positive changes. Thank you very much - life changing stuff!

Courtney MNorthern Ireland

I can't thank you enough or help and support. I feel confident to now continue this journey myself but I couldn't have done it without your help and guidance. So thanks again and I wll definitely keep in touch and let's hope we never have to deal with Crohn's again.

Sharon KUnited Kingdom

Manny has been great. I feel like he really listens to his clients individual needs and works in a very perceptive and flexible way. It was very interesting to begin to get a holistic understanding of how the gut works and learn ways of preventing and minimising gut issues. He helped me to understand how I can be empowered to make positive changes to my health with nutrition - physical, mental and emotional. I've already seen results from following Manny's instructions and guidance, so I'm very grateful to him.

Pav JUnited Kingdom

I've bin suffering with ibd for many years. I was in the middle of a flare up when I first seen Mannys story. The first thing that stuck out for me was his strong mentally and ability to gain weight with ibd which is hard to do when the body is not absorbing the nutrients. Each week would catchup, discuss diet and lifestyle factors. Within a matter of weeks my bleeding stop from there on my body started to fill out and started to gain healthy weight and it's the best I've ever felt thank you so much your a god send.

Harpreet SUnited Kingdom

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in May 2021 and after being admitted into hospital in August due to a bad flare up i decided to contact Manny and begin my healing journey.

Mannys guidance has been amazing during these past 3 months as he helped me gain a better understanding of my condition and how to get it under control using holistic methods. A comprehensive guide was given on how to handle stress, the correct diet, and different types of natural herbs we can consume which help control the disease. In addition to this, Manny was easily accessible and weekly calls were setup to track progress and to ask any questions. Nothing was forced and he was very accomodating to any needs.

3 months later and i am now medication free and controlling my condition through diet and lifestyle changes alone. This wouldn't have been possible without Mannys guidance and I am grateful for everything he has done for me. Thank you once again! Medication free now btw, feel much better without it.

Halees DUnited Kingdom

I just want to say thank you again. I feel so grateful to have come across your page. You made me feel so comfortable and assured to begin this journey of coaching with you from the very start.

I started off in terrible health and at one of the lowest point of my life and you helped pick me up, teach me new habits and make a major improvement in my health and general life. And all through small and gradual changes which made it possible!

I honestly love your approach and your patience. Most of all I appreciate the powerful knowledge you had to share which has stuck with me even after our sessions.

I hope that others in my situation, are as lucky as me and do reach out to you for help.

Sending you lots of positive energy and love. I hope we stay in contact!